Friday, 31 October 2008

Getting into character

It's Hallowe'en!
After a stress stress stressful week of Becketting and the like, it's all done and finished (until next week starts again). But more importantly, it's Hallowe'en!
I've been deliberating every moment since I've been able, from 6pm yesterday until now, and have finally decided on Alice in Wonderland.
I already have the blue skirt and top, and have made a white rabbit necklace, and two playing card brooches. I have a little teapot, which I'm wondering what I can do with, or where I can attach it! It was originally going to be the necklace, but the white rabbbit looks so much cuter. And most importantly, the outfit has yet to cost me anything. It's amazing what a printer, bits of old cardboard, a stapler, and spare brooch findings can do for you. Maybe there's a bit of spare blue ribbon in my wardrobe for my hair and then I'm pretty much sorted...
I'm so excited! I might even take a picture and post it, if I can work out where to position my camera so it can capture all of me... so far I've failed pretty miserably at this.
For now, I must finally go food shopping, I didn't even manage to achieve that this week!
Then more costume making, more reading, and tea and cake with a friend. I feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland already!

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