Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Well, Happy Election Day everyone. I wish I wish I could vote, I truly believe it's not just American citizens who will be affected by this, thus, everyone should get a vote. I don't see that quite happening in time though...

So apart from world politics and other meaningfull topics...

Today's outfit. I've been feeling a bit fat recently, and poor, so I'm getting a bit antsy about what to wear, and thinking I have nothing, although of course I do have a lot of clothes...

This skirt was bought from ebay a month or so ago now, I'm considering taking it up but haven't decided... it would only be a couple of inches, just turning over the hem really. I also don't really have time to sew, or shouldn't be sewing as I have so many other things, more important things, I should be doing. So we'll see, I'm happy for now. I always have these urges to take things up a little, I'm just funny about things sitting on the knee.

But maybe I should think practically, it's now winter (oh yes, it's definitely winter!) and the longer the better; maybe I'll re-think this when summer comes along again. If it ever does...

Jewellery wise, I'm thinking the need for something with a long chain today, I'll have a search around.

Sadly, every time I wear a silver coloured necklace I really want to pair it with the three-pence coin bracelet of my Bonma's - but after last time's disaster (I had to shower wearing it, and sleep in it and nearly broke a finger, and a tooth, trying to remove it from my wrist the following day) I'm a little scared to put it on again. But it's just so pretty...
So the outfit:

The belt was bought for $10 from a vintage store in Berkeley, on Telegraph, which I loved. Miss that place. Here's a detail:

It's a beautiful fat belt, just what you need to flatten things out. It can be a tiny bit small, but it's encouraging me to lose weight, so all good.

Also, just to point out the irony. After all this (and writing all this earlier), 30 seconds before leaving to catch my bus, I put on a coat, decided the whole outfit no longer worked, and changed completely. So that'll be an outfit for another day! Ridiculous I know... I'm getting stupid.


I need to get ready to go out. Maybe I'll take a photo - although will probably forget...

Good luck Obama!

Monday, 3 November 2008

I just bought these shoes:

I could not be more excited.

And now really really need to do some work!

Well hello. Today I have on my organised hat, and I've been quite organised. I've taken a photo of what I'm wearing, including all the jewellery. All of which is either thrifed, found or a one off.
So here we go.
My dress is a beautiful little number from those wonderful Berkeley thrift stores. They were amazing, not only was everything incredibly cheap, and cheaper still with the exchange rate at the time, but often they had days when everything was half price. This dress was purchased on one of those days, making it a shocking £2 or something equally as ridiculous. It's a little big, but that's where the belt comes in (although this belt wasn't in any way thrifted - it's from Primark! - it's one of my favourite possessions, it just makes everything ok).

The necklace was bought for me by a friend in London, it's a hand made one off piece. On the front are little foxes. I love it so much, especially that coppery colour, nothing beats it.

And finally, the brooch I'm wearing (which isn't in the first picture) I found on the train going to see my parents. I held it out in my hand for the whole journey, in case someone came by and claimed it back. But no one did, so it was mine. I love cameo, there's just something so dignified and classic about it.

So that's today so far. The rest of today will be reading Lynne Tillman, and not thinking about Beckett - we have a reading week so I'm going to get stuck into the trilogy ready for next week, but with a bit of a break.
No pictures from halloween sadly yet, Alice in Wonderland was, however, a success.
Lynne Tillman, here I come.